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GC2020: Special Events is the business unit of the firm that handles the most attention-intensive events.  Whether you're preparing for the various life events that come so infrequently, such as death, divorce or the birth of a new family member, GC2020 is uniquely positioned to serve you with a deep well of knowledge and experience in how to navigate the course of the Special Event.

Having orchestrated weeks-long and months-long preparations for events that incorporate hundreds of people, their vendors and the municipal permitting involved in holding these events, GC2020: Special Events is ready to get involved with your Special Event.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversary and vow-renewal celebrations are all right in the "comfort zone" of GC2020: Special Events.  We love complicated events like starting a new business, launching a new product and generally coordinating massive numbers of moving parts for the sake of our Clients' goals.

Contact Us below for a free consultation on how GC2020: Special Events can get involved in your particular occasion!

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